Offshore Research Partners

Offshore Research Partners (ORP) was my first venture as an entrepreneur. I founded it in 2009 while studying at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. ORP was founded to provide cutting edge legal research services to attorneys and publishing firms in the US and Europe and currently operates out of its office in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Currently, Offshore Research Partners is not taking any third party outsourcing assignments and is solely focused on providing research services to my other company, Expert Witness Profiler.

Expert Witness Profiler

Expert Witness Profiler, LLC is a company based in Evanston, Illinois that provides the most advanced tools to litigators for expert witness research. Expert Witnesses form the backbone of American litigation and getting the opposing expert excluded on grounds such as qualification, methodology etc. can prove to be the winning strategy in many cases. Expert Witness Profiler provides a legal database of expert challenges as well as custom research products on expert witnesses.

Exlitem Research Consulting

Exlitem Research Consulting runs the Expert Witness Guru website and publishes the Expert Witness Chronicle, the most widely read magazine related to expert witness testimony in the United States. The magazine also covers issues related to jurisdictions in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

A sole proprietorship firm owned by me, Exlitem also consults expert witnesses, attorneys and legal publishers on ways to streamline research and legal publishing processes.