Interested in doing something new in the legaltech space? Read on..

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This is a job posting for New Delhi.


Are you in your 20s and willing to risk a couple of years working for a start-up? When I say risk, I don’t mean that I am skeptical about the prospects; I am just aware that there is no guarantee for one’s success. If it works, you will have stocks in a rapidly growing startup with a potential to make a clear impact on the legal industry in India. If it doesn’t, you will still walk away with a decent salary and an experience that won’t be any less than the most thrilling adventure you can wish for.

To know more about me and what I do, click here and here.

Who am I looking for?

Basic Qualifications

  • A degree in law from a national law school or any other college located in a metropolitan city. (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai)
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 5 out of 7 (exceptions can be made if the rest of the criteria are met)
  • Must have held a leadership position in law school and have organized at least one national level event. Examples are: President/Vice President of the student body, Convenor/Co-Convenors of the Sports, Cultural or Moot Court Committee and organized a sports/cultural fest or a national/international moot court competition.

Crucial Qualifications

  • Willingness to work remotely and keep flexible hours.
  • Interest in traveling within the city and the country.
  • Interest in meeting new people on a regular (almost daily) basis.
  • Ability to tell stories.
  • A deep interest in internet, search and how technology is shaping the way we live our lives. You don’t need to know how to code, though the ability to read/understand will be a plus.
  • A good understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).

This is anything but a part-time work-from-home gig. So, please apply only if you are at least curious (ideally, excited). I am basically looking for a co-founder in the long run without exposing you to the risks that starting a company poses. So, you get a fixed salary and skin in the game as you spend more time with us.

If you are still reading, this is what’s being offered:

  • A chance to be the first employee of a startup that aims to deeply impact the way law is practiced in India. [risky, but equally rewarding]
  • A salary of 40,000 for the first six months [another 10,000 bonus if you quit the job right after the first month].
  • An opportunity to participate in the process of building a startup right from the ground. [Participate in setting up the office, writing the business plan, designing the website, developing content, identifying sales channels, create promotional materials, manage social media and much more – create a company you can call your own.]
  • At the end of one year of your employment, 1% equity in the company. Another 2% each at the end of year 2, 3 and 4.
  • Directorship of the company at the end of 3 years (once you reach a 5% equity)

Your compensation packages will be revised vis-a-vis your and the company’s performance.

To apply, send an email to with your CV and a ~1500 word sales pitch/essay/writeup as to why you think you are the right person for this job.

If selected, we will contact you and set up an interview in Delhi.



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