How to search smart and save time with online legal/regulatory research

A very important and time consuming aspect of a corporate lawyer in India is to find information made available on the different websites run by the Central and State governments of India and the various regulatory bodies like the RBI, DIPP, IRDA and the like. Government websites are known to be badly designed and structured and do not make it easy to find something unless you know exactly what you want. Because they are equally unfriendly to search engines, many-a-times, one has to go through pages of search results from other independent websites before spotting the PDF or publication directly from the government.


The Google Search Engine as we know it (available on indexes and shows all the websites that allow the search engines to crawl and index their pages. What if you could tell Google that you only want it to display results from a particular set of websites – a list of websites you often visit for specific information or a particular type of websites and specifically include websites which you know have no value to your research but somehow, still manage to find a place in the search results?


While I am sure many would already know about the Google Custom Search engine and are using it for faster and smarter research, I hope some of you find this article helpful.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create your own Google Custom Search Engine:

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